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Beach Fantasy

Sand between your toes, the sun on your back,
and the blue-green of a tropical sea.
Wrap yourself in a daydream and relax.

Curves & Colours

I tangle, twist and turn
in a restless frenzy of colour.


I ♥ Self-Expression. Flowers beside skulls,
hearts beside daggers. I’ll put anything
with anything – and get it to work!

Mayfly Dreams

I have a day to fly and a day to love.
I dress in the reflected light of a spring day.

Rainbow Embrace

I am the promise of sun in a grey sky,
the hope of warmth in the rain, and the
dream of gold on a distant horizon.

The Oldest Art

There’s ancient and there’s perennial.
When Stonehenge was brash, new,
and the latest thing, I was already a classic.
And twenty thousand years on,
I’m still stylish.

Tropical Nights

The fragrance of a cooling day.
Bleaching sunlight fades to grey.
In the slowly deepening night,
one single forest flower stays bright.