Travel Tales

LitB's models went to some wonderful places and took a good Look. Read about their adventures.

Elf presenting a gift

Ginola and Didi overheat at the North Pole

Highs: Green and red elves
Lows: Yellow elves

Close encounter

Xavi and Mata have a close encounter of the hungry kind

Highs: The power of music
Lows: Smelly breath

Amongst grass & gold

Zizu and Viera walk amongst grass and gold

Highs: Being there
Lows: Coming back

A flight above the trees

Bell and Rami go for a flight above the trees

Highs: Rum and yarns with a one-handed man
Lows: The transport system

A talk on the wild side

Evra and Anelka take a talk on the wild side

Highs: A night with Mack and the Beavers
Lows: Border control