Meet our Models

Ginola sitting

Favourite Person: Luca (her boyfriend)
Favourite Book:  Endymion
Favourite Food:  Icing sugar
Main Interest: Aesthetics

Evra sitting

Favourite Person: Baz (her boyfriend)
Favourite Book:  Mrs Tiggy-winkle
Favourite Food:  Escargot
Main Interest: Conservation work

Didi sitting

Favourite Person: Melvil Dewey
Favourite Book:  Anything romantic
Favourite Food:  Shellfish
Main Interest: Military strategy

Zizu sitting

Favourite Person: The goddess Iris
Favourite Book:  The Rainbow (D.H.Lawrence)
Favourite Food:  Anything light & colourful
Main Interest: Walking in the rain

Xavi sitting

Favourite Person(s): Her parents
Favourite Book:  Batman comics
Favourite Food:  Rock cakes
Main Interest: Speleology

Anelka sitting

Favourite Person: Yet to meet her
Favourite Book:  Anything easy to pack
Favourite Food:  Fruit (except for oranges)
Main Interest: Travelling

Bell sitting

Favourite Person: Mr Bungay
Favourite Book:  The Little Book of Calm
Favourite Food:  Spring rolls
Main Interest: Bouncing

Viera sitting

Favourite Person: Sigmund Freud
Favourite Book:  The Sandman (Neil Gaiman)
Favourite Food:  Bird’s Dream Topping
Main Interest: Oneiromancy

Rami sitting

Favourite Person: Elizabeth the First
Favourite Book:  Little Women
Favourite Food:  Roast venison
Main Interest: Hanging out with girlfriends

Mata sitting

Favourite Person: Her grandfather
Favourite Book:  The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Favourite Food:  Ratatouille
Main Interest: Making music